Zion Word Churches of Zambia

Directors: Paul K. Sichone & Dr. Cosmos Zgambo

Zion Word Ministries international
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Zion Word Church of Zambia Nakonde

Zion Word Church International Inc.  Livingstone

Pastor Sichone currently has subordinate churches:

Kasama, Mpulungu, Mpika (3 churches), Ntatumbila, Kapwila,

Kangwa, Manka, Lukumba, Mutowe,

Lusaka (N’gombe suburb), Kafue, Senga Hills (Mbala), Musyani,

Bulahim, Nteko, Chisamba, Isoka, Mipula, Uzinji,

Mpongwe (Copperbelt, 2 churches)

Senior Pastor Paul K. Sichone
Nakonde, Zambia

Paul Sichone is the Senior Pastor of the Zion Word Church of Nakonde, Zambia and the ministry leader for the 52 pastors and ministers throughout Zambia. God is doing an amazing work in the midst of difficult conditions. The church in Nakonde is filled to capacity and overflowing! Praise God!

The Lord is blessing Pastor Sichone in every way. He was able to purchase a Toyota van this year for ministry travel, this is indeed a blessing! He has been favored with government officials as he has been able to gain access to some supplies for the ministry. As of this year, Pastor Sichone has founded an orphanage and prison ministry called Reach  Out Trust. This ministry focuses on the neglected fields of Zambia, reaching out to those who are forgotten. The building for the children is mostly completed aside from installation of windows and doors. Many children are already living in the facility, including a newborn baby. https://www.facebook.com/reachout.trustshapeimage_3_link_0
Dr. Cosmos Zgambo
Livingstone, Zambia

Dr. Cosmos Zgambo is the Senior Pastor of Zion Word Church International Inc. located in Livingstone. He is the founder of Faith Alive Ministries with branches in Zambia and Botswana. He recently registered his ministry with Zion Word Ministries International and with the government of Zambia. He hosted a revival conference for ministers of which he oversees with Dr. Davis, Rev. Sears, and Rev. Sampson from the USA church. The team attended and taught lessons daily for the duration of their visit in April of this year (2012).  (See the video link on the Missions page of this site for a glimpse of those meetings!) Dr. Cosmos is in the process of purchasing land with the intent of building a 1,000 seat new church facility in his hometown.

Paul and Pamela Sichone

Dr. Cosmos Zgambo family